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Our Iconic Trees Are Fire Spreaders

Fire Prevention on an Individual and City Wide scale

As the Mendocino fire now in August has grown larger than our December Thomas fire, and local people of Ventura County struggle with the aftermath of fire damage and loss, we should be more proactive in preventing future fires, which, the experts predict, will increase as the globe warms from fossil fuel burning here and everywhere.

We should care for our own urban forest, which is prone to ignition, by removing any dead trees and brush and get rid of Palms and Eucalyptus on our properties and in civic places. These two iconic species are not natives, though we have made them signify California. Unfortunately, when they catch and spread fire like few other trees, they do symbolize our current state, dried up and ripe for more trouble. We should take the initiative and remove them from our properties and get the city to get rid of the ones most likely to torch the city.

We can try fire suppression in the wilderness, but our most volatile urban and suburban trees need to be removed and thinned before we see flames approaching.

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