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Ventura California is located in a very special place--on the south ocean-facing side of dramatic hills. Those hills, its narrow cityscape, its beaches, natural harbor, bordering rivers and estuaries, and a balmy Mediterranean climate make it a happy destination for vacationers and permanent dwellers. 


ENVIRONMENTAL VENTURA dedicates itself to displaying the natural attractions of the place and its surroundings in word and image -- and revealing the forces that woud overwhelm it with development. 

Local Eco-Issues Blog

         Many local issues about the environment and our area's efforts at truly sustainable measures are discussed here--no toxics, reusable resources, no loss of biodiversity.


-----The June 23, 2016 Crimson pipeline leak of 1075 barrels of light crude oil into Hall Canyon's Prince Barranca;

------My  June 30 2017 Tribute to Roma Amrbrut and Jean Harris for helping save Ormond Beach;

-----The community efforts to defeat Regent Properties' plan to reconfigure the Ventura hills and build 55 McMansions on them; 

----New sources of water for the City of Ventura.


SELECT  The Local Eco-Issues page to read opinion essays about these and other continuing and new environmental  issues.

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